What is the Best British Airways Retro Livery?

I grew up around the time they were just coming out of the Landor livery (my family were living in Ascot, about five miles from Heathrow, at the time). I last saw it on the Concorde - before the Paris crash. Still wish they’d bring it back now and again

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Lander looks amazing on wide body fleet, but BEA looks amazing on Airbus A319 gorgeous 😍

BOAC is the best, but Landor is a close second 😍

Photo credit: Me


@Altaria55 where was that looks amazing on that 747! 🤩

MIA, last Tuesday

I have to give them this - the designers knew what they were doing. A different livery to suit the times. The current livery suits the modern fleet because the lines are somewhat less angular (which would, you might think, make Landor a questionable choice for Concorde)

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Nice! Where was that shot? Hatton Cross or the other side, say, Harmondsworth?

lol, it wasn’t me who shot, probably at Heathrow Oh seriously?

now i need to see that scheme on the A35K

@MissRosa there it is (Well, they’re -900s but still)


The Landor livery looks so good on the A350! It makes the aircraft look very classy 😎.

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Y’know, I love all the old BA liveries. But if it had to come down to it, I’d have to chose either the BOAC or Landor livery.


Same for me!

It does for sure with any aircraft!

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By far has to be the 747-400 Landor in my opnion!

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Here’s hoping an A350 or B777 gets this livery as a retro aircraft once all the B747’s with the retro liveries are retired, your concept there sure looks good!

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I don’t think they will do it

Definitely Landor.
Landor Associates make awesome stuff.

I’m between Landor and BOAC. Landor sure knows what they do.