What is the Best British Airways Retro Livery?

Same for me!

The 747 is my favorite

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Quick question
Did you know BA had a retro 757 BEFORE seeing this topic?

  • Of course, it was painted in Negus to celebrate the 757 retirement!
  • Since when did BA have a retro 757?

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Me: Revives Topic
Everyone: Who still cares about this in 2020?

Negus on the 747 for me. By the way, vote for it here:

The Landor Livery for sure. Like the United Battleship Grey, it’s got quite a lot of color and classic style. Like a nostalgic furniture piece. With a lot of liveries becoming more white and simplistic, it makes me miss them even more.

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I grew up around the time they were just coming out of the Landor livery (my family were living in Ascot, about five miles from Heathrow, at the time). I last saw it on the Concorde - before the Paris crash. Still wish they’d bring it back now and again

@anon28286874 I hope you enjoy!


Lander looks amazing on wide body fleet, but BEA looks amazing on Airbus A319 gorgeous 😍

BOAC is the best, but Landor is a close second 😍

Photo credit: Me


@Altaria55 where was that looks amazing on that 747! 🤩

MIA, last Tuesday

I have to give them this - the designers knew what they were doing. A different livery to suit the times. The current livery suits the modern fleet because the lines are somewhat less angular (which would, you might think, make Landor a questionable choice for Concorde)

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Nice! Where was that shot? Hatton Cross or the other side, say, Harmondsworth?

lol, it wasn’t me who shot, probably at Heathrow Oh seriously?

now i need to see that scheme on the A35K

@MissRosa there it is (Well, they’re -900s but still)


The Landor livery looks so good on the A350! It makes the aircraft look very classy 😎.

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Y’know, I love all the old BA liveries. But if it had to come down to it, I’d have to chose either the BOAC or Landor livery.