What is the Best British Airways Retro Livery?

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Negus {747}

Negus {757}

  • BOAC
  • BEA
  • Landor
  • Negus {747}
  • Negus {757}

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Dang they have a lot of retro liveries

The BEA will always be my favourite

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The 757 retro was a special livery due to the retirement of the 757 in 2010. Sad they didn’t do it with a 767, the last one {G-BZHA} was withdrawn in 25th of November 2018

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The Landor is extremely elegant. I usually feel like BA should have kept the Landor. I wonder how it would have looked on the 787s


Probably something like this

I still think the BOAC livery is the most elegant (and best!) of all of them


Landor would have looked great. There’s no denying that BOAC gives Landor a run for it’s money.

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For Sure!

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The negus is my favorite but I have a special connection to the Landor because I flew on the Landor 747

@snoman Which Negus?

The Negus 757 looks great !

The Landor Livery is just really nice on the Boeing 747

Landor or BOAC are both pretty clean. Those two are my personal favorites

Same for me!

The 747 is my favorite

A TL4 JUST said to me to stop using fillers, otherwise I could be suspended (banned?) from the community

Just a warning

Quick question
Did you know BA had a retro 757 BEFORE seeing this topic?

  • Of course, it was painted in Negus to celebrate the 757 retirement!
  • Since when did BA have a retro 757?

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Me: Revives Topic
Everyone: Who still cares about this in 2020?

Negus on the 747 for me. By the way, vote for it here:

The Landor Livery for sure. Like the United Battleship Grey, it’s got quite a lot of color and classic style. Like a nostalgic furniture piece. With a lot of liveries becoming more white and simplistic, it makes me miss them even more.

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