What is the Best (Apple) Device to Play IF? (Cheaper)

Went and bought an iPad Mini 2 today. I’m quite Impressed with the quality of it. Expect better new “glossy” pictures soon!


So does that mean that it can take max settings.


Yes it does, handles live with max terrain, water and airplane qualities! Better than my iPhone 5

Ok I’ll see about it.

I know people say it runs very well.

Would it run better if I buy the 16gb or the 32gb for the ipad mini 2 and ipad air 2.

I have a 16GB, it’s smooth. But 32GB would be good too.

Still has glossy planes ;)


Unless those numbers mean RAM, there won´t be much difference.

Ohh well that’s not the RAM so that wouldn’t make a difference.

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@Bulba MaxSez: Redundant. Please check Archive before posting.

I see I’ll look into it too.

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iPad Air 2, I have it and I HIGHLY recommend it.

I’d go with an iPhone SE for phones, but i’d take everyone’s word with the iPad Air 2.

I have iPad Pro it is great

But it’s on the high side.

iPhone 5 can’t run IF even to save it’s life! I play on a iPad Air 2. Amazing device. Powerful but feels like paper.

Can anyone give me the price for ipad air 2.

What currency?

US dollars.

$399 for 16GB and $499 for 64GB