What is the Best and Worst Flight You Have Been on in Real Life?

Best: Southwest flight to KMCO from KMDW. No delays from mechanical issues arrived 10 minutes early and had a butter landing.

Worst flight: United to KLAS from KORD. About to takeoff from the early morning flight and there was an oil leak. Ended up sitting at the gate for 2 hours. They finally cancelled the flight, but my family had gotten tickets on another flight already. The people who waited for a new plane sat there for 5 hours. We also arrived in Chicago almost 3 hours late. My spirit experience was pretty bad also, but that’s a story for another time ;)

I feel bad.

Best: Edinburgh to Hanover with Air France via Paris. Nice aircraft, nice staff, no delays, and free food! Some sweets and a free parmesan roll as well some crackers!

Worst: Ryanair from Frankfurt-Hahn to Edinburgh. Airport was 2hrs from Frankfurt, there were only a few shops in the airport and the flight was delayed by 3hrs due to an on-board emergency. When we got on-board the A/C unit above me was leaking and the crew were quite rude about it.

Best: Melbourne to Queenstown, last year, Air New Zealand. Great service, IFE, free-wifi, good food, and the approach into Queenstown was just something else 😍

Worst: Auckland to Apia, Virgin Australia. Flight was already delayed, ended up sitting on the ground for 2 hours for no apparent reason. They kept the lights on the whole flight, too. Ended up arriving at 2am, when we were meant to get in at 10:30pm

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Best: SQ256 Brisbane to Singapore (a350, great service and 3 hot towels!”

Worst: FLY Me Male to Dharavandarhoo (nearly overran and crashed into the ocean, also they thought I was carrying a bomb when going through security)

Best flight= Tui 787 EGKK to LEMH, best service, super friendly, let me in the cockpits and the flight attendants were pretty hot
Worst flight= EasyJet A320 LEMH to EGKK, disgusting windows and seats, super dirty floor, and we were delayed for 2 hours before takeoff because apparently the “luggage didn’t fit”.

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Best: MSY-IAH, United 737 800. I flew first class on united, the flight attendants were nice. Great seats. Overall awesome service!

Worst: MSY-SFB, Allegiant MD 80. The flight was delayed 6 hours! The plane was meh. And towards the end of the flight we encountered bad turbulence.

Best (quite a few): BA63 LHR-SEZ August 2018 economy - flight had less than 40 passengers in economy, amazing service and empty plane
HM3013 SEZ-PRI always fun on a twin otter
BA1416 Business - on the A321 mid haul to Belfast with flat beds, quite surreal

Worst: Royal Jordanian A310 economy CMB-AMM 2009, absolutely awful. No meal served, no IFE, and sweltering hot the whole flight

SQ308 SIN-LHR January 2015 Economy - good flight but awful turbulence over the Bay of Bengal, pillows in the air, people screaming overhead lockers opening etc

My best flight was on April 21st, 2019 when I was going from EDDM-KEWR on Lufthansa’s brand new A350-900. The service was incredible (although an unfair advantage since I was in Premium Economy), the aircraft was so clean, and it was just such an easy, amazing flight.

My worst flight was on December 19, 2019 when I was going from KEWR-KPBI (a flight I am on at least 3 times a year). The flight was scheduled to depart at 9:30pm and as usual, we were delayed by 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, and so on and so forth. At first, there were no announcements and the United app said it was due to technical difficulties. Finally, once 11:15 pm rolled around, we heard that the plane landed from Cancun at 4:30 pm in Terminal B, a standard procedure for international United flights. For some reason, Tech Ops never moved the plane to Terminal C and we didn’t take off until 12:05 am (the next day) and didn’t land until 2:30 am. It was very unfortunate and a poor experience. Good news is I am a 15 year old who isn’t afraid to send an email, so, knowing me, I sent an email to United and got $125 voucher per person, $500 for my family.

Edit: I forgot to mention my horrible flight on December 22nd, 2017 when I was going from LFPG-LLBG on an Air France A321. It was such a disaster and I will never, ever fly Air France again. The gate agents were rude and snarky, the plane was old and disgusting, and what really made me loose it was that my uncle is platinum on Delta (Platinum status with One World as well), and he and my cousins got to bored in group one and we were stuck in group five, even though our tickets were together. Making it even worse, the already rude gate agents told me the overhead bins were full and made us pay to check my carry-on (the bins weren’t full, I checked when I finally boarded). All in all, it was horrible and I will never fly them again, regardless of what people say.


Hey I have been on KPBI-KEWR as well as I live 15 minutes away from PBI, although I mostly fly JetBlue for that route as United is…not the greatest

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@AviatorNikola Usually I have no problem with them. My dad is Platinum so we get upgraded on almost every flight and this is really the first problem I have had in my 15 years of flying considering I fly United 95% of the time and have taken hundreds of flights with them.

Best flight: AC61 787-9 YYZ-ICN Gotta say the service was great, great window view and yummy food! Rate it 11/10. And the aircraft was quite clean too.

Worst flight: dont have one

Best flight: Alaska 144, PANC-KORD redeye flight B737-990ER, N428AS
Worst flight: Southwest 764, KBWI-KMDW, B737-700

It really even wasn’t that bad, I’m just saying it was my worst flight because the person in the seat behind me threw up after takeoff


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