What is the best airline to fly to Hawaii?

Aloha everyone. I have a question? So if you had take an airline from the US mainland to Honolulu which airline would it be?

For sure Alaska Airlines.


Probably Hawaiian if you’re looking for that type of vibe

But United has the most routes to Hawaii

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I’d fly United just because of my Star Alliance Gold status.

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Depends where you’re flying

Yeah yeah, big flex.

I have premier 1k

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Historically: American Trans Air (ATA).

Of the 2000’s: Hawaiian.

2010’s: Hawaiian.

Right now: Hawaiian and Alaska are a tossup.


Hawaiian First Class on a A330

Either United (availability and flexibility)
Or Hawaiian (Overall experience)

If you need to flexible, try to go with United, they have several flights out of their hubs to their destinations in Hawaii and they seem pretty flexible with minimal to no change my fees.

Overall Experience to Hawaiian because well…it literally says it in the name. Although not as flexible and usually only one to two flights a day to a certain destination.

You could do American, they have a lot of flights

SWA all the way


I would try Southwest but their food options aren’t the best compared to Alaska and Hawaiian


Hawaiian (but not the A321neo I hear it’s awful compared to the A330)
And then American because ‘MURICA 🇺🇸

I have flown southwest there twice now and it’s really great because of the 2 checked bags policy. The caveat is you have to book a multi city fair if you try to fly from Florida like I have to.

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Very true. How would you recommend flying InterIsland with? Mokulele, Hawaiian or Southwest?

Also southwest, flew HNL - OGG and it was cheap and super easy and we got to take all of our bags for free.

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hawaiian airline for the adult beverage they serve as you get closer to hawaii

Yeah Hawaiian is nice and Southwest is cheap but Hawaiian is suspending Ohana by Hawaiian

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Price aside probably Hawaiian just for the experience (or Alaska). Honestly anything except United is alright by me, but I believe UA is still mostly sending their disgusting 737s and 757s I’m about to get killed to Hawaii, no thanks.

I think UA should rethink their Hawaiian network