What is the best airline in the Middle East?

Definitely El Al.


I think Oman Air tends to get overlooked a lot! They have one of the most impressive premium cabins out there!

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Here is a link of a video I took during Kuwait Aviation show 2020 and have a look in the legroom for the economy cabin. And also you can see the Royal Class very huge and has many luxuries!

In terms of routes and overall network, both Qatar Airways and Emirates are arguably tied. Their overall route structure is crazily similar thanks to their geography and their connection model.

Emirates from Dubai:

Qatar Airways from Doha:

Both have very strong codeshare partners, allowing both airlines to feed passengers onto other flights. However, Qatar is in Oneworld while Emirates is unaligned. Qatar Airways has slightly more codeshare partners but lacks an Oceanic one, while Emirates has partnered with Qantas. So honestly, they’re pretty equal.

In terms of fleet, Qatar Airways definitely has the overall advantage and diversity. With its smaller A320s, Qatar Airways can launch flights to secondary destinations, but only ones that are shorter in range, such as Doha to Bodrum, Pisa, Calicut, Faisalabad, and more. Emirates can’t do the same since it only has high-capacity widebody aircraft. And technically you can’t count FlyDubai as Emirates’ “subsidiary”.

Overall in terms of classes, First Class obviously has to go to Emirates because:

You really can’t beat that…

Business Class has to go Qatar’s QSuite. Ranked highly, closing doors, pretty spacious according to reports.

Etihad’s probably second for business class. It’s basically a QSuite with less privacy and no doors.

I’d say Oman Air and Gulf Air are tied for third for business class. Both upgraded to the Apex Suites for the 787s:


Even though these are in a 2-2-2 configuration, they’re reportedly comfortable and the window seats are crazily private, almost like suites.

Emirates has kind of gone to the bottom in terms of seating, since they’re going with a new 2-3-2 Business Class.

In terms of Economy Class, it’s gotta go to Kuwait Airways. While Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, and others have 31-32 inches of pitch, Kuwait Airways has offers an amazing 35 inches of pitch, which possibly beats every single other airline in the world in terms of Economy Class pitch.

Imo Qatar Airways is the best.


Etihad any day. One of the best airlines I’ve been on. Too bad they have a cost-cutting cycle going on currently, but once Etihad is debt-free, I can’t wait to see EY A35K & A388 fly to more destinations in the United States.

I know it’s already been said a lot but El Al has the victory in my opinion!

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Please make a poll.

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In my opinion Emirates is overrated. They have no wow factor and don’t provide anything more than any other major airline. Their service is standard and I think there’s just too much hype around them. The best Middle Eastern airline I flew with was Qatar and I always try to fly with them out of LHR when possible. Quality 5* customer service, attention to detail, friendliness of crew and not to mention the cleanliness onboard. On both my outbound and inbound flights with EK last September, the tray tables were mucky, greasy and had some red stuff that would come off easily with a wet wipe.


Before COVID-19 I use to fly Emirates very often, at the start I loved them. But after your first 10 wish flights they get a bit meh. I love the lounges that is for sure, but everything else is a bit meh. They are the only Middle Eastern airline I have been with as well. So it is not really fare for me to say another is better if I have not experienced it :)

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It’s difficult here. It’s definitely Emirates or Qatar. The former because you’re guaranteed a wide body and the latter because they fly the A350 into my home airport(in normal times)

El Al probably…


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Also they have bulletproof windows and armored floor to really minimize the risk and passengers often have to go through a second security check before boarding which is done by staff of them since there were lots of terroristic attempts on their flight before those measures


Absolutely understandable, as an avgeek, I taught this to my history class last month. Amazing text and word.

Here’s a cookie: 🍪

Ace out! ✌️

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Thanks dude! I really appreciate it.

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Bruh> I am not trying to offend you but I feel that is quite offensive. Emirates has been the main airline I have flown with for the past FOUR years, connecting LEBL to YSSY via OMDB. Personally, my favourite INTERNATIONAL airline HAS TO BE Emirates. My grandparents instead booked a flight on Etihad, which I think is quite a nice airline.

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Is that an essay? *User.exe has stopped working, force restarting.

I mean I have time sooo… :)

Jazeera is the ryanair of the middle east!

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Qatar or Emirates imo.

flew etihad before they turned bad. flew oman air and their 737-800 was good!