What is the best airline in the Middle East

There are many companies in the Middle East, including Saudi Airlines, Gulf Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Emirates Airlines, flydubai, Kuwait Airways, Omani Airlines, and Iraqi Airways, what is the best unit among them?


Personally for me it’s got to be Qatar

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You can’t go wrong with anyone in the ME3, though I feel that Etihad provides the most premium product. Saudia is extremely underrated though and I think is the best outside of that ME3 group.

I think qatar is the best in the group

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I’ll do it

You didn’t mention them but Royal Air Maroc and El Al are both really good.

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Yes, I forgot some companies, but they are great

I’ve never flown on any, and I don’t know too much about them, but Qatar is the only non North American/European airline to fly into PHL, so they’ve got my vote

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Yes Qatar is very nice and comfortable

The reason is that it is the only company with an extensive network of flights
It also has an Domestic Flight network, which is not found in the rest of the Middle East companies
It also has an extensive International Flight network
It has two bases Jeddah And Riyadh
It is also a modern, luxurious and short-lived fleet in the region 👍🏻

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Yes man, but some do not know her

ارحب يبو سبيع

Qatar all the way

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Saudi Arabia is a big country, but countries like Qatar are just too small to have domestic flights, that’s why most of them don’t have domestic flights

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A lot of people praise Qatar

But it has a very strong fleet

I just like qatar cuz of their first class

هلا والله …

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Have to go with Qatar

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