What is the best aircraft you have ever flown on

That would have been the A330-200. Thomas Cook seem to use the 767 on these routes now while their A330’s are used for transatlantic long haul flights.

JetBlue A321

a cessna 172

korean air 747-8i first class
so damn dreamy
miles rewards points op

In a Boeing 737-800 with split scimitar winglets of Copa Airlines and in Business Class.

I got upgraded on a United flight. It was short, but soooo comfortable in first class. It also has DirectTV entertainment. It was a United 737-800.

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How does everyone fly buisness/first class? I feel so poor…😢

When my dad used to work in Copa, my family and I traveled with employee tickets which were less expensive than a regular ticket. We never had a seat assigned, we always had to wait if there is an available seat (specifically 6 available seats) and sometimes the Business Class had many seats available but when I went to LAS I was assigned in a Economy Class seat and when I returned from STL via MCO to PTY also so don’t feel bad.

I don’t buy first lol. My parents are 1K with United and we get free upgrades to first and business if there is space. We have never bought first or business class. Don’t worry if you fly an airline enough you’ll get high status and free upgrades like us


Any 747. Nuff said.

Qatar airways 787

Emirates A380-800, Business Class.

My return flight was on a 767

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Korean Airlines B747 and Emirates B777

United 747 economy was nice

Air Canada 777-300ER

Air Canada 787, first 787 I flew on.

I’ve only been on Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas. I think they were all the best.

I wish I flew on the Air canada 787, but the 777 was nice.

Thomson 737-800 Edonamy

Very nice and spacious and VERY wide it was three seat gap three gap three 👌