What is the away icon?

I’ve seen in the tips bar while loading that there is a thing called the away icon, what is it and how do I use it?

It just means the the user is away from the device, its displayed automatically


Hi there. This is a feature in game which mainly lets Center controllers know that you are away from device and to not on guard you. As mentioned above it works automatically and after a certain time without touching the device it will display an inactive (with a period of time next to it).
When you are flying next time you can see this by tapping on the aircrafts tag in the map


Its so that ATC knows you are offline, rather than constantly trying to contact you in vain


Ok, thanks for the help!

In curiously, what will happen, if controller needs to bring attention for some reason, with the plane which is “away”?

If you are away and you start to interfere Im pretty sure they will disconnect you from the server (it’s not a violation or anything)

Nope, the server disconnect is only if you are unable to communicate due to a technical issue. All conflicts between aircraft that are away under center’s control should be assumed unintentional and the controller will just ignore you

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To avoid ATC disconnecting you while you’re away, the away icon automatically shows after you’ve been away for two minutes to avoid them disconnecting you for failure to communicate. Hope this helps!

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This isn’t the case, if you are not on the frequency and are away ATC SHOULDNT report you in any way. If the other aircraft that will cause a bust is active ATC will talk to them and try to move out of the way

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I’ve been descending to an airport that’s completely out of their way. And they disconnected me.

Hey Tyler, if you don’t mind, could you send me your replay through PMs? Would like to investigate it further.

This was months ago.

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