What is the ATC Schedule?

Hi IFC! What is the ATC Schedule that says new airlines new airports…? I dont understand…

The ATC schedule is where @Tyler_Shelton puts airports that the IFATC will open for a period of time on the Expert Server and he provides airlines you should use for that region. He also sometimes releases a fake schedule because an update is going to be released like he did when the global HD scenery came, he changed the whole schedule to feature the new scenery.

Below is this week’s schedule.


All the airports that will be controlled by atc on expert/all the busy airports, ts does have one too, but egll and klax are still busier

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There is not one for the training server no.

Apart from the TSATC one ;)

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There is, but no one uses it

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That’s the one I meant


This is a TSATC schedule that was posted 9 days ago if you wanna have a look


We actually did post one for this week 😉


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