What is the ATC of the TSserver?(Apology post)

The thing is, when I was working as an air traffic controller on the TS server, I made some mistakes and gave the wrong command to @Loogie125, which had a bad impact on IFCPC. I’m sorry here. But the TS server is the server that the majority of players use for training, who can guarantee that they will not make mistakes during the training period? If you need a more rigorous gaming experience, I think you should go to the ES server instead of the TS server.
[Link to post: Use your IFC name please](Link to post: Use your IFC name please)


The problem is solved, you have the right to make mistakes. In fact, this is why TS exists.

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Okay sounds you’ve made some good points but then one other thing is that I was actually asleep and woke up 25nm away from the airport still at 41,000ft, so I had to go into pattern work and descend before actually contacting the tower. You’re right about mistakes on TS, but then at the same time tower is not responsible for aircraft outside their airspace. Well, just wanted to make my point known.

Also the app crashed before I could land AGAIN. Every single bloody time I try to land an A380 the app crashes!

So I just want to express my personal opinion and describe the current situation of TS service.

It is because of the “immature” ATC like me that it is easy to make mistakes.

Agree, that’s why it’s call Training Server. However I think @Loogie125 is just trying to find you and point out your mistake. So you can prevent it next time. and that’s why it’s call TS.
Carry on bro, you will be the best!

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I was just trying to point out ur mistake because the other way of doing it, which would be changing my callsign repeatedly would be 1. Very annoying 2. Can get me reported for harassment 3. Extremely difficult to do. If you’re on IFC then I would’ve sent you a PM to also explain what I was doing.

How is your internet connection? Is it possible that your connection is not very stable and that’s why you crash? Or perhaps it’s a battery issue with the device you’re using.

The internet isn’t too bad, its weak at times but still always connected. My device is considerably “old” its going to turn 3 years old in a month. The battery is fine, though. I did do a background refresh by deleting all the “open” apps but forgot to restart the device as per @schyllberg 's suggestion. Tonight I’ll do another flight and try to restart again in case it doesn’t work. It also only crashes when I’m on airbus aircraft as well, last time the 787 and 777 landed sucessfully whereas the A350 and A380 did not land because the app crashed during final approach.

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Hmm, that’s very interesting. Well I hope your issue gets resolved. Good day!

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Good day to you too mate!

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