What is the A330 Neo's Crusing Speed?

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I thought of putting this out here because I have found no other topic on it.

Is the Neo’s Crusie Speed Mach .85 or something else?


I recomend using this, it will also include the best cruise speed for your flight.

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A330 Neo’s cruising speed is 0.82 and it’s maximum cruising speed is M.86


Thanks! I don’t think it is updated with the NEO yet though

Thank you very much!

theres pretty much no diffrence besides from a few small things, I just use the A330 option and works like a charm.

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Stall<your speed<overspeed

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.81 is what I found

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0.80 < 0.84 > Faster

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cruise speed tend to vary, Some flighs ive done at .79 and some at .82, really depends in the flight.

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