What is that button in the activity-settings?

Hello everyone,

I´m just wondering because of this button in the activity settings:

downloadall button
I know that I can download my posts there, but how and why I´m able to download my posts?


This is a feature from discourse that allows you to download all of your activity. Some people would like to search and see what they have done in one place as opposed to clicking through multiple screens.


But the posts are still in IFC online or why is there a warning before I can download it?

Imagine you started a random download that took like 3GB of data and ate up a good chunk of your internet allowance.

That’s why, they wanna make sure it’s what you want.

Also yeah, as Chris said, it’s so that you can store your data in a place other than the Discourse servers.

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Ok, thank you!

But I don´t know what I can read in this excel table:

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