What is standing and how can i increase it?

I am currently grade 3 and flying on expert server most of the time. On the expert server there is a lot of people where their standing is at 100% and mine is only at 50 and always has been. I have tried to find out what standing is on the forum but i couldnt find anything that fully explained I cant increase my standing until i properly know what it means.

I thought we got rid of standing back in 2016 and replaced it with the 5 Grade levels?

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I found on infinite tracker there was a lot of people with 100% syanding. And the app as updated a couple of weeks ago.

Can you show us a screenshot? I think standing is your ‘standing’ with the community, e.g, How many times you have been ghosted. Could someone confirm?

Ignore Standing.
It’s been removed for several years and it’s only shown on Infinite Tracker because Val haven’t removed it.


Here is my standing

Then this was a random persons stastanding with 100%

The photos were took from infinite tracker which was recently updated.

Thanks for letting me know. I just pushed a new build with standing removed.