What is so bad about having 2+ accounts?

i do not have 2+ accounts, this is a question, not why “I” cant have 2

Ok now we have that out of the way
So, I saw for having many accounts can even get you banned on the IFC
Why? what is so wrong about that?
I thought of this and came up with no reasons

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Basically, it costs more money for IF, for no purpose.

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that makes sense
I did not know that accounts cost money
but hey! you learn something new every day!

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@CaptainHugh I think he’s referring to the IFC not IF itself.

@FLIGHT2 PM a mod and they will explain it to you.


alright then

IF pay for the IFC through discourse.

you mean Discourse?


Also i think that the reason you can’t have more than one is because it can be misused and can give the impression that there’s 2 different people on the IFC. so for instance if a user does something bad and gets banned, and they have a second account well then the ban is pointless because they’re still on the IFC.


Adding on, it you’ve noticed most forums won’t allow duplicate accounts as one is enough. The only exception for the IFC is for VA accounts.


Duplicate accounts are generally referred to as sockpuppets - referring to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock. To maintain accountability and increase community trust, users are expected to use one account. Think about it; users can support their own agenda, like their own posts, receive an extra vote on their feature request, and have a completely separate identity without anyone knowing.

While there are valid reasons for using multiple accounts, it is best to consult with the moderation team before creating a duplicate account.


I think in addition to boosting yourself a lot of people would use that second account as something of a throw away and troll with it or at the very least not hold it to the same level as there “well known” account.

Not to mention a user may have been suspended and they might have wanted to get around that, not a good idea.

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