What is scenery cache?


I’ve just been scrolling through the top posts, and whenever someone has a problem, the solution is mostly to clear scenery cache. What is Scenery Cache and how does it work?


It delete all of your scenery image you have been flying through your area.

Hey. Scenery cache is the temporary storage of the terrain that has been streamed to you device. Hope that explains it for you.

But why can’t the game automatically clear that, or just not store it?

Then there will be glitch, imagine downloading scenery and deleting scenery automatically.

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Thanks, that explains it.

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We store around 200MB of scenery for the area around where you are, the rest is automatically deleted by the app.

So, when people are having scenery issues it’s most likely in a very specific area. Clearing that out and have the app redownload the area most likely solves it :)


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