What is scenery cache and when should I suggest clearing it in a #support topic?

There has been a lot of misinformation about what scenery cache is and what clearing this cache does. I want to take some time today to explain what scenery cache is, what clearing the scenery cache does (and doesn’t), and when you should suggest it in a #support topic.

What is scenery cache and what does it do?

When Infinite Flight streams scenery data (satellite imagery and topographical data - terrain) to your device, this data needs to be stored somewhere on your device so the app can access it. This scenery data on your device is the scenery cache. Scenery cache is only stored temporarily and the maximum amount of scenery cache that can be on your device is 200MB. After Infinite Flight has filled all of the 200MB of available space for scenery, it automatically deletes the oldest streamed scenery in order to not increase the amount of storage (not RAM) that Infinite Flight takes on your device.

Caching scenery is useful as it means that Infinite Flight does not need to redownload scenery which is already stored on your device. For example, when you spawn into an airport for the first time, Infinite Flight needs to download the scenery data to your device before allowing you to spawn. Any subsequent spawns into that airport will much faster (given that this scenery cache has not been manually or automatically deleted) because Infinite Flight does not need to download the scenery again since you have already spawned at that airport before. As a result, the loading times into that airport (and surrounding area) are much faster.

What does clearing scenery cache do?

Clearing scenery cache simply means that scenery data stored on your device gets deleted. This means that Infinite Flight will need to redownload scenery which was previously stored on your device if you visit the same location again.

When is clearing scenery cache useful?

Sometimes scenery data which gets downloaded to your device gets corrupted and is usually because of an unstable internet connection to the Global server. Here are some examples of corrupted scenery (images taken from past #support topics):

image image

The side effects of having corrupted scenery on your device are that things are not loading correctly (as shown above) and/or that you may be ‘falling through the ground’. Clearing scenery cache forces Infinite Flight to redownload this scenery which usually fixes the problem. In rare circumstances, there is still some caching elsewhere and if clearing scenery cache does not solve the issues outlined above, a reinstall of the app does.

Note: Clearing scenery cache before every flight is unnecessary and has no benefits. If anything, clearing scenery cache before every flight may slow down the loading times because Infinite Flight will need to redownload scenery data which might have been already stored on your device.

When should I suggest clearing scenery cache in #support topics?

You should only suggest clearing scenery cache when the #support issue is about - you’ll never guess this - scenery. The most common scenery issues are outlined in the previous section (airports not looking right/ falling through the ground). You must not suggest clearing scenery cache for anything that has nothing to do with scenery as this sends the OP on a wild goose chase. In case this is not clear enough, I’ve listed some of the most common examples where clearing scenery cache was suggested but has no effect on the issue whatsoever.

Clearing scenery cache has no impact whatsoever on issues regarding but not limited to:

  • Sound
  • Device performance
  • Aircraft not rendering/behaving correctly (inc. aircraft preview images)
  • Missing navigation data
  • Violations*
  • Airport elevation issues (this is an issue to be brought up with IFAET)
  • Not being able to see other aircraft
  • Connection issues
  • Broken toaster
  • World hunger

(*) = If an aircraft has fallen through the ground and as a result, the user has received violations, moderators are able to remove those violations. Please instruct users who have experienced this to write a polite message to the @ appeals group.

I hope that this topic has been informative and educated users who previously might not have been aware of what scenery cache is and what clearing it does. I also hope that we will stop seeing users suggesting to clear scenery cache in #support topics for unrelated issues. If you have previously suggested clearing scenery cache for unrelated issues - as long as you’ve taken something useful out of this topic you’re fine and there is no need to apologise. As always, if you have any further questions you are more than welcome to PM me or to simply comment below.

Thank you for your time and for reading this topic. Take care :)


I think it’s a very good explanation!

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Very nice topic! Much needed, especially to attach to other #support topics

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Thanks for the great explanation! I liked the two scenarios at the bottom that were examples of when not to use it! 😂

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