What is Ryanair Sun?

Hey everyone this question goes to Europeans or anyone interested in European aviation. What is Ryanair Sun and how is it different then Ryanair

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Polish Ryanair

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It now called buzz airlines

It’s now called BUZZ

You can compare it to EasyJet Europe or EasyJet Switzerland

Polish charter airline ;) Obraz


So where does Ryanair Sun mainly fly too from Poland

Charters from Poland to summer holiday destinations pretty much

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It’s not even a charter airline
It’s literally just like Ryanair except it’s bases are located in Poland as well as Prague and Budapest and yes they operate some holiday routes but they also operate flights to the UK

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Ryanair with a Polish Air Operators certificate. Identifiable by a polish registration on a Ryanair plane. As said above, flights are mostly from Poland.

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Well actually all their operations are charter, under the callsign ‘‘RYS’’ which technically is Ryanair Sun or Buzz. The rest of their scheduled flights from Poland, Prague or Budapest are operated with ‘‘RYR’’ callsign which is supposed to be the normal Ryanair

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