What is regular?

Beside some people’s name it says regular. What does that mean. And how do I get that!

Please see the “Community Trust Levels” section of this page:

The trust levels go from 0 to 3 (TL0, TL1, etc.) TL0 is “New User”, while TL3 is “Regular”.
You are currently a “Member”, which is TL2.
Users who have met certain IFC requirements (undisclosed by Infinite Flight) become regulars. These users have generally been around the Community for a long time and have positively contributed to IFC through their postings.

To answer the question of how long it takes to become a Regular:

Hope I was able to help! Enjoy IFC. :)


It’s a top secret on how to get it;) Just be active, and get involved in discussions and be helpful and you’ll get it eventually, nobody knows the answer to what the requirements are as the staff have removed them from the public so if people want to achieve it, they actually are active daily, and helpful something like that:)


Correct but the requirements were changed for regular and the changes weren’t made public:)

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Ph ok. That sounds cool 😎

One day… one day my friend.

As long as you have been active for 100 days or more straight you are then in the running for regular. But as it’s been said before no one knows the exact amount of likes, topics created and posts created to get the humble regular badge.


False. I’ve never been active for 100 straight days.

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