What is QNH?

Hello all how are you? I just had a question as i was watching plane spotting and cockpit landings/takeoffs. So I was hearing how ATIS frequency usually gives QNH ##. So as the title of this topic says, what is QNH?

Happy Flights :)

Watch the vids below! I thought they were pretty cool:)

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Hey I tried to read off of Wiki but it was too complicated. sorry! :(

Here’s a shortened wiki:

To ask for atmospheric pressure at sea-level (i.e., at zero altitude) the letters ‘QNH’ would be transmitted. A common mnemonic for QNH is " Query: Nautical Height ". Student pilots may sometimes remember QNH as “Query: Newlyn Harbour”.


So basically it’s saying what’s the atmosphere’s pressure at sea level?

Yes. QNH stands for Query: Nautical Height

Oh thanks lots mate 👏🏽 😁

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And why is QNH important for pilots? what does it effect?

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Various weather systems will affect the atmospheric pressure at the same elevation, so it’s necessary to know what that is in order to calibrate the altimeter to the actual elevation.

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