What is project metal?

I have never understood what the fuss about project metal is. Could someone explain what it would bring to IF and why people are wanting to know when it will come out?

Thanks for the help IFC

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It brings a new graphics API that can sport thing people have been longing for: clouds, 3d building etc.

Another reason is that OpenGL ES has been deprecated on iOS devices and Apple recommends using Metal; a more modern low-level graphics API.

There is no telling when OpenGL ES could be indefinitely closed.

Check out more in the link above or the IFC link below:

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Thanks I will check it out

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Ex - when we get it we will have clouds, real lights for planes and airport lights. But most people just pushing for more aircraft rn :(

New features won’t be comming right away

No, you won’t. If all goes well, you won’t notice anything at all except some improved performance.

It does however allows us to add such features later on :)


Yes that is what I meant. Of course it would not be a right away thing, that’s not possible. lol :)

What I am saying is that those things I mentioned above are more likely to be put in place after some time with metal.

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