What is pattern altitude?

I was flying pattern work on the expert server at LAX when the ATC told me to fly pattern altitude. I was at 4000 feet.
I descended to 2500 feet and was told to follow instructions by the ATC. What is the general pattern
altitude ?

Pattern altitude can differ based on the aircraft type that you’re flying.

For jets, the pattern altitude is 1,500 feet above airport elevation, while smaller prop planes and those that would otherwise be classed under General Aviation should be flying patterns at 1,000 feet above airport elevation.


Understood thanks

Just want to add on what LordWizrak said, If you want to determine what pattern altitude on your pattern.

Source : 3.4 Pattern Work / Transitions / Flight of XX | Infinite Flight

Just add airport elevation with the altitude as specified image above depending what aircraft you use.

Jet : airport elevation + 1500 ft

Prop: airport elevation + 1000 ft

For example: if you want to make pattern work and you are on A320, Boeing 737 and A220 and the airport is WSSS.

20 ft + 1500 ft = 1520, after that round it nearest to 100 and the pattern altitude would be 1600 ft.


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