What is over shooting the Glide Slop and Localizer

Can someone explain to me what overshooting the glide and loc? I’m not really sure and I heard it’s a reason to get ghosted.

When you are cleared for the ILS approach, you have to turn towards the ILS and the glideslope instead of just fly straight past it. The approach controller will clear you for approach at a 30 degree intercept from the runway heading. As you approach the localiser, turn towards the runway heading to intercept it, and descend with the glideslope as you intercept that as well. Not doing this is overshooting the ILS. Usually you won’t get ghosted for not turning towards it, but it will result in you having to execute a missed approach and it makes life harder for the approach controller.


I doubt it is a ghostable offense, it basically is a missed approach (only after the appr controller clears you for the approach.

If on tower freq, announce go around.

Misha warned me that it’s ghostable.

It’s ok if you do it once by accident, just don’t keep missing it over and over again. Keep an eye out for the localiser once you get cleared for approach so that you’re ready to turn as soon as it starts to move towards you. It’s simply just a 30 degree turn to align yourself with the runway.

You’re not wrong. It can be ghostable, although, it is usually only ghostable if you break separation with another aircraft, or cause a conflict.

Usually, if you’ve just done it by accident, you’ll be vectored away and back onto a downwind for another attempt.

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