What is our favourite place/airport for plane spotting?

My favourite is Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and I spot from Air India Colony Road

This is a duplicate but no one cares as it is in the lounge.
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I pretty much never go spotting as the only decent place nearby is LHR, which is like 1 hour and a half away

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I can’t be bothered to search but no one cares as it is a lounge topic!

This one is for usually not favourite


But I can’t do plane-spotting at my home airport as it is a Civil Enclave which handles only 5-8 flight

Denver international airport. But is that a surprise to anyone?


Any airport that I go to


I spot at O.R Tambo and from my back garden.


The best, the best, the best. Jeppesen Terminal always looks cool, never a day with a bad sunrise, and those Rockies make a beautiful backdrop. Those things combined give you photos like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Hard to beat, Denver is…


Yeah! Biggest in Africa!

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Whaaaat typo? Thanks. 😂 I’m quite known for typos.

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Airport: Los Angeles - KLAX

Place for Spotting: Clutter’s Park

Why its good: You get an over look of runways 25R and 25L, mostly departing planes. Your also straight across the International terminal.

That sunset shot is stunning…

as are all the others…


Probably Hong Kong. Just an hours ferry away. The airport here in Macau doesn’t get much traffic besides AirAsia’s A333s and A320Neos, also sometimes EVA Air 77Ws and A333.

Definitely LAX, the range of traffic they get there is stunning!

IAH. Cause I just love it lol

But surely you get good shots, with the runway being out in the Zhujiang Estuary?

A. KLAX (The burger place)
B. TNCM (Maho Beach / La Terasse Resort Pool and Bar Area)
C. PHNL (Iroquois Point / Lagoon Drive, Parking Lot (The Beach Parking Lot)

I don’t really spot but I would love to spot at Los Angeles (KLAX) or Chicago (KORD) and especially St. Maarten. (SMX) 😀

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