What is optimal and realistic N1 %

Hello ifc and devs.

I am just trying to know that what is the normal and like real world N1 % while taking off, and most importantly climbing and cruising??
It would be a great help to maintain my realism…


Depends on weight - but anywhere between 80 and 102% N1.

Before someone says, very heavy planes (eg 747) sometimes do go over 100% N1 on long, heavy flights/takeoffs from short runways.


This is a recommended community tutorial:

Personally I don’t generally calculate my N1%, and just base it off using around 30-60% trim and 80-100% N1 depending on my knowledge of the aircraft and how it operates with heavier weights.

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And what about cruise n1 percent???

I am pretty sure that real life planes never cruise at 90 + n1!!!..

So whats your cruising n1 percent guys?

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