What is one-engine taxi?

Can someone what one-engine taxi is? also when would you use it, and when would you turn on the second engine for takeoff?

A one engine taxi is where you taxi with only one engine running (implied by the name “one engine taxi). When it’s used varies by operator, but it’s very rarely used though. It’s primary goal is to conserve fuel while taxiing.


Its where you taxi up to the hold short line on one engine then start it at the hold short area. Most common at busy airports in IF that would be when theres live atc at LHR. (thats a simple explanation/ what I have found others may know more.)

What about for DC-10? does it use only 2?

The Single Engine Taxi Without APU solution “SETWA” is designed specifically to allow our A320 family customers to taxi on a single engine without the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).

SETWA is both economical and ecological. There are significant fuel savings per year per aircraft and SETWA helps the airline save an estimated 15,000 USD per aircraft, per year.

The SETWA solution consists of a wiring modification in the pylon and around the engine fire handle. It can be embodied in an overnight shift. The solution allows compliance with JAR/FAR 25.1195. Thus, 2 fire extinguishing bottles remain available when using one engine instead of two in line with regulatory needs.



I did it once by error. I took off with one engine it was so so long


Some airlines, I believe Qatar use One-Engined taxi for fuel conservation during taxi. Because during taxi a lot of fuel is used to get the plane moving.

Lol, be careful with that! In a common airline, you would be fired ;)

Who cares? I were lying on my coach. 😉
And I don’t talk about the day after takeoff I pushed APPR instead of NAV. Many wounded in the cabin but I saved the plane


@pilot0674 I only know that its used in 2 engine aircraft sorry.

Thanks for that info! Question: Wouldn’t the plane incline to one side and is it dangerous to do so?

There’s a great topic about it here;

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And this, kids, is why checklists exist in aviation 🙃

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It’s actually used very often in real life.

I do it with the Raptor because of its power, don’t want to risk taxi speed vios! ;) … I turn on #2 and do a spool up in my checklist while in stageing area’s if available.

I see it happen a lot with the Dash 8 Q#00 series. At my local airport (small airport only accessed by GA and Regional DHC-8) the Dash pilots sometimes taxi the aircraft in from the runway on one engine, which I assume is to save fuel, and to avoid purchasing the more expensive fuel at such a small aero drone.


Man if you have seen a 172 one engine taxi you have seen everything…😂😂😂

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here at Sydney when the turbo props land after the exit the runway they turn off one engine but only after they’ve landed

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