What is observer and other ATC ranks?

What does this mean I’m sure there is a simple answer

Edit -I know what operations means the observer part is what I’m asking

For example: You clear somebody to land or to takeoff, and you’ll get one operation.

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I know but the observer part

That’s your rank. I don’t know the names of all existing ranks though. Observer is one of them. ATC Operator is another one.

You maybe should change the title of this topic to What does Observer mean? instead of ATC „operations“ because currently it seems like you wanted to know what „operations“ mean.

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That’s not correct. You are labeled as an observer because you do not have access to the expert server to gain the first ATC rank. Mine consistently says supervisor. An officer will say just that and so on down the line. The lowest level is observer which is anyone on the training server.



Observer is the rank everyone is given and have until they move on to IFATC (controlling on the Expert Server). Observer allows you to open up all facilities on the Training server except for ATIS.

For IFATC, there are other ranks;


MaxSez: A Rank Structure, should have known. Believe IFATC Ranks should be displayed when posting on the Forum or operating an active position on any server. Goes to Credibility! What say you Pilots?..
Seem we are seeing more and more “Apprentice’s” filling slots on Expert.

This is pretty well known. Except for you it seems.


@schyllberg. MaxSez: FYI, I try to deal in non-trivial matters. Do understand the Child Psychology associated with rank structures, Hell of an ego boost and instills a sense of power & superiority. A title is a status symbol, correct me if I’m wrong Mr. Moderator…LOL. Been there done that!
Now that we got that out of the why not post the rank when playing in public?

I understand your point, but the ranks are based on activity and quality. So if you don’t behave, down you go.


Ah, the vailed threat…lol. I should have expected that… Power corrupts!
Moving on…