What is next for the CRJ program

Hey guys. So Airbus, as we all know, is basically taking over the CSeries. This means that Bombardier will have some free hands. Now, they do need some time to recover from the amount of money that they poured into the CSeries, but without it, they probably can recover relatively soon. There is an elephant in the room for them, and that is the CRJ. The CRJ has long been the most successful RJ program, and one that doesn’t seem to have a viable replacement. The CRJ-900 and CRJ-1000 can be somewhat replaced by the CS100 and Embraer E2s, but the CRJ-700 could only somewhat be replaced by the E175-E2, and the CRJ-200 has no replacement. In my mind, this bird needs to be reengined or NEO’d in some way. What do you guys imagine this would look like, and how do you think that this would stack up, or why do you feel that this is not a good idea. At least in my opinion, the regional jet market is still a massive market that seems to not have any direct replacements in the future, with the MRJ having it’s own issues, the E2s getting a little big, and the CSeries being in a different rank altogether. I could see it as having the same or similar capacity, with CSeries technology and avionics implemented, and a common cockpit with sidesticks. As for the engine, it would only be CFM LEAP or PW1000G, but how would they implement that? Maybe it is time to contact IAE or something ;) What do you guys think? Also, let’s refer to it as the CRJNEO and the proposed engine as a PW1300G or the LEAP1D.

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The next CRJ us the CRJ 1100.

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I think that the CRJ family could use an upgrade, but I don’t think an engine upgrade will do anything.

An engine upgrade with some new GTFs or something could, theoretically, add some fuel burn savings, but it probably isn’t worth it as implementing it on a T-Tail would add some complications. There needs to be upgrades and minor redesigns, that is certain. It would be a mistake, IMO, to let go of this potential cashcow, especially how successful the original CRJ was.

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The CSeries is not going downhill as far as I am concerned. I feel that the NEO and CSeries are equally successful, it’s just a matter of what airlines will pick what aircraft, and I believe that’s gonna depend on the country that airline is based out of.

For example, Air France, Lufthansa, and BA are going to pick the NEO’s over the CSeries, because those airlines operate in/close to France, which is where the Airbus aircraft are mainly manufactured out of. However airlines like Air Baltic and Delta are going to continue buying CSeries because Delta operates closer to Canada, and there is a good exchange rate between Latvia and Canada for Air Baltic.

So all in all, it depends on how cheap they can ship and manufacter the aircraft from one country to another, and how willing the CEO’s are to each company.

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I don’t believe that the CSeries is going downhill, quite the opposite actually. I just feel like it is too big to be a proper CRJ replacement.

Well with new age comes new technology, and the Cseries has proven to outweigh the CRJ’s technology wise.

That is why a CRJNEO needs the CSeries’ technology to be competitive.

They should do like a new cockpit,but maybe the engine on the a320 should work may be to big though, I would love to see this

A smaller version of the PW1000G or the CFM LEAP, say the PW1300 or the LEAP-1D, could be effective.

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I don’t know if there is going to be a next. Embraer has already released a newest version of the Ejet Series, which could replace the older CRJs. Bombarder has a small window to make a replacement.

This is competition that bombardier needs

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In my opinion, Bombardier’s CRJ family is a giant sucess, and at the moment doesn’t NEED to have an update, but I would want one.

First, I would rename it the CRJX series (e.g. CRJ-7X).
Then, I would replace the engines with a custom configuration of the CFM LEAP.
Next, I would modify the wingtip to be raked, with brighter beacon, stobe, landing and nav lights.
Then, I would increase the length of the CRJX to accommodate about twenty more passengers.
Last, I would rework the avionics of the aircraft. Preferably with Boeing Dreamliner technology.

I think that the CS series is just gonna become the A200 series, and is flopping in a major way. Personally, I am a huge fan of the CRJ series, and hope to see it reworked!


The economics of regional jets have declined over the past couple of years. There is no need for a 50-seat jet since those fights can be served with Q400s or ATR72s. Most CRJ-700/900 markets are now large enough for E-Jets or CSeries service. I would imagine Bombardier will just milk the line and close it down when the orders run out.

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