What is new with the 777?

What is new with the new 777 update??

Is that it

What he said…yes that’s all.

New liveries.

Oh and the new 777-200LR too :)


Almost forgot about that! :)

Are these updates live, or is the update pending to push out to the Apple Store for iOS?

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It was pushed to apple. Awaiting approval from them now.

Thanks, I keep checking but didn’t see anything. I can’t wait to see all the changes.

I would guess another day or two…or 5 minutes. Or 20 minutes. I don’t really know 😂

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Apple. Love them…at times hate them. Yet I keep buying their products.

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Personally I tend to stick with Google Products, and Apple Tablets.

I tried to make that switch, but I found the OS on Google just not as smooth as Apple. It would lag, and lock and require constant updates. I don’t care about the customization, I just want it to work when I want it to work and as fast as I want it to work.

I’ve always had a Google phone and Apple iPad. I always found that Android seemed smoother than iOS. Anyway, this isn’t the topic to talk about this!

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Update is out on IOS…I WAS RIGHT LOL

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