What is NAV 2 and ADF 1 used for in IF? [Answered]

I was wondering why do we have NAV 2 when we cannot set it! Also what is the ADF 1 used for?

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NAV1 & 2:

These are your Navigational Aides known as VORs. They are used for IFR traffic or VFR traffic when visual references aren’t plenty. In this case, NAV 2 would be used when tracking two separate VORs (typically when you want to fly direct but your using VORs for checkpoints). To correctly demonstrate this, you would want to find 2 VORs. Tune one to NAV 1 and the other to NAV 2. Go into the cockpit view (best aircraft to use is the C172 for this) and set your radials for VOR 1 (NAV 1) and VOR 2 (NAV 2). Start a flight that goes directly between the 2 VORs and watch for the deflection as you bypass them. This would give you an indication that you are on path

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ADF 1:

These are Non-Directional Beacons, otherwise known as NDBs; these are ground-based transmitters that emit radio signals and are identified with their own frequency and code (normally two or three letters). Aircraft equipped with an Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) can then interpret these signals and use them for navigation purposes. An example one is shown below

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Thank you @Balloonchaser. This is very useful!

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