What is Meant by the 'Suffix'

When creating your call sign, what is meant by the ‘suffix’ and when do you correctly use them?


Heavy is for heavy aircraft, capable of a MTOW of 300,000lbs (whether or not they are actually flying with a load up to that not). They are the 767, 777, 787, 747, A330, A340. The 757 also has a special designation as Heavy even though it’s just under 300,000lbs as it has caused wake turbulence accidents before.

Super is for the A380.

They shouldn’t be used in IF for anything else.


Suffixes are pretty simple to use.

Super: Noted by US Airspaces that it’s an Airbus A380/Antonov 225

Heavy: Noted by all international Airspaces that it is an A300, A310, A330, A340, A350, B707 (I think) B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, DC8 (Again, I think) DC10, MD10, MD11 etc. (And also the Airbus A380/Antonov 225 when outside of the US)

Flight of X:


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Previous discussion that IF should just add the suffix automatically when you select the relevant aircraft.

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That seems like a great feature.

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