What is lnav

I recently just started and I’ve tried activating lnav but it overrides all autopilot entrances so I’m wondering, what is it?

Hi there!

LNAV is a tool you can you to ease your workload as a pilot. When enabled, your aircrafts autopilot follows your flight plan from waypoint to waypoint. Basically, the LNAV functionality in Infinite Flight allows you to fly your flight plan without having to change each heading manually.

Hope this helps!

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LNAV will only override your heading autopilot. VNAV will override your altitude and V’s speed


In simple terms the lnav will follow your flight plan, will make turns when required without your intervention. It will override the heading autopilot but not the others.

It’s like a Tesla autopilot which turns at roads following the GPS.

Ok that makes my current flight so much easier, thanks yall!

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