What is liveflight doing?

I’m flying in a Frontier A320 from MEM - Halifax so i went on to liveflight on my PC and well, this happened.
Browser - Internet Explorer
Aircraft - Frontier A320 “Hugh the manatee” livery
PC - ACER Travelmate P238

That’s just a type of “easter egg.” It randomly shows up for some users. It might also be because it can’t find the information about your aircraft.


Thank you. That explains it

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Anything else you want to know?

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nah not really. might change my words

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😂That’s Great! Haven’t seen this one before. Good find

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Actually, the above answers aren’t the reasons. You were flying a Frontier A320 (one of the newest liveries), and LiveFlight doesn’t recognise it. It happens with all of the new Frontier liveries and the BA and KLM Orange Pride 77W. I assume Cam will add these to his database soon, and you will be able to see your aircraft.


What @ewanfleming said.