What is Live

what is live? am hearing thet word alot

As I said on your previous topic; please stick to posting less and doing more research. You could have found your answer in a matter of seconds had you looked around a little. Not trying to be too firm with you but don’t clog the forums.


am so sorry

“Live” means anything online. In relation to Infinite Flight, this is Multiplayer. Live in TV Programmes or videos means in real time, without edits, in my simple terms.

As @Cpt.TC mentioned, it will be better to stop questioning the IFC while you can do the research yourself, because it clogs the forum with non-essential Topics. A simple google search will do the trick. :)

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Nah bro, it’s fine. If you have any smaller questions, my PMs are open. I just know that others get annoyed at smaller threads being made.


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