What is Left/Right downwind

Hello! I am coming in from the west side of KLAX, I want to know how to approach RWY 24L, I have heard about how to approach the runway from the west. I just want to make sure this is correct.

I’ve put a nice chart here to help you out!


A downwind is a leg where you are flying to the side of your runway, usually the side where the you will turn and land

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left downwind: left turns
right downwind: right turns

but what @Populeux_Music put is a perfect example.

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that’s towers job

A left downwind would be where the left side of the plane is towards the runway. I.e. when you sit in the cockpit, you can look to the left and the runway should be on that side. Right Downwind would be the opposite, where the right side of the plane is towards the runway.
Also, on a Left Downwind you would make a left turn for Left Base and another left turn for final. It’s the opposite for Right Downwind, where you do right turns for base and final.
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In the picture you posted, you will enter left downwind for 24L.


Left downwind: Runway is on your left hand side
Right downwind: Runway is on your right hand side

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