What is "left downwind and right downwind"?

Hello all,
Recently a controller instructed me to “enter left downwind”, what does this mean?
PS : Please don’t make fun of me because I don’t know, that sometimes happens, and it’s annoying.


This may help.
Don’t worry very common mistake


We won’t. In fact you are better than most by asking :)


ATC Category, right?

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Thanks, that means a lot. I thought downwind involved patterns!


If it helps on working out which way the pattern is use this

If it is left pattern then if you took off from the selected runway then you would turn left

If it is right pattern then if you took off from the selected runway you would turn right

The the downwind part is just flying the opposite runway heading.

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Enter right downwind means enter the pattern at right downwind. Look at my earlier post for help. It helped me out a lot when I was learning. Try looking at someone’s stuff in the Atc category, it helps a lot.

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Don’t worry😉. We all have questions! It’s better to ask them than to go unknown and eventually get ghosted and annoy controllers for not knowing when flying! Here is the place to ask!

I asked the same question when I was new! We all ask questions (even sometimes stupid ones)

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Great, thanks.

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