What is KLM Asia?

When you think of KLM, you think of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. If you have ever been to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you might have noticed the KLM, but Asia instead of Royal Dutch Airlines. Asia is there because of the airline flying to Taiwan.

Stripped of the Crown:

KLM Asia was founded in 1995 to fly to Taiwan. KLM Asia was founded because they wanted to appeal to mainland China authorities, who considered Taiwan still part of China. Did you know that other carriers have done this too? Swiss Air, Air France, and Japan Airways. KLM Asia is a subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Instead of the crown on the aircraft’s side, the crown has been stripped away and replaced with Asia.

History and how this came to be:

Understanding the history behind this decision to call a separate fleet of aircraft is unusual but must be understood. In the 1930s, the Chinese Civil War broke out, and Taiwan came to be. This saw Taiwan’s founders found a capital on the island. Taiwan was then named the Republic of China or ROC for short. Meanwhile, back on the Chinese mainland Mao Tse Tung founded the communist People’s Republic of China or PRC for short. Taiwan and its government are never actually seen as a separate country. Instead, they are seen as a breakaway province when China announced that any airline flying to Taiwan would not fly to mainland China.

This is how we have subsidiaries from the aviation industry flying to Taiwan and Asia under the Asia name.

WWhat two aircraft does KLM Asia Operate Curently?
  • 777-200ER
  • 747-400
  • 787-9
  • 777-300ER
  • A350-1000ULR

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Where can I find the source for all this? (images, info)

Nice topic!

@dca.iad.aviation, here’s another topic that explains Asian subsidiaries more generally if you want more info- “Asia” Airlines: A History

I remember reading about Swissair Asia before and wondering why it ever existed, I think these Asian subsidiaries are cool to read about!

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POV: you watched a Simple Flying episode


Ugh, I hate the new livery with the front curve downwards… bring back the ‘70s livery!

(for those of you who don’t know which livery i’m talking about)


Nice thread, but you made some mistakes.

That is not how it came to be. During the late 1930s, the PRC and ROC are still fighting a war with Japan and its puppets. The KMT only fled to the island during the late 1940s during the 2nd Chinese Civil War.

Also, the Republic of China was founded in 1911 after the Xinhai Revolution, which saw the fall of the Qing Dynasty Government.

Also, something to add on is that they also fly to Manila from Taipei.

Very nice!

I randomly watched a SimpleFlying video a few days back, where they discussed this subsidary

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Saw one of the planes at LAX.


That’s the 1940s. Unless you are refering to the long march.

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