What is it? Boeing 7_7, Boeing B7_7, Boeing B 747 or Boeing B-7_7?

How do you write the format of the Boeing planes? Is it with a hyphen in the middle (e.g. B-737), a space in the middle (e.g. B 737), is it together (e.g. B737) or is it like this (e.g. Boeing 747)?


Well you could use Boeing 747 or B747. Both are proper

I’ve only seen people put the “B” before when they abbreviated it. For example B788 for the 787-8. Either way people should understand what you’re saying, I’ve always just said 787 or 737, no “B” but I suppose it isn’t wrong…

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Hi Swiss,

For example, the Boeing 777-200/ER:

ICAO: B772

IATA: 772

Now, specific airlines will have internal codes for each fleet and fleet sub type. Those will vary widely.

Other than those, no structure on how to format, although, Boeing doesn’t use a hyphen the model.

For more reading, here is a list for ICAO/IATA codes.



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