What is it? A-___, A___, A ___ or Airbus ___?

How do you write the format of the Airbus planes? Is it with a hyphen in the middle (e.g. A-320), a space in the middle (e.g. A 320), is it together (e.g. A320) or is it like this (e.g. Airbus 320)?


The formal ICAO of the Airbus A320 is just “A320”

It really just depends on where you’re talking about the plane. Sometimes you say A320, sometimes you’ll say Airbus A320.

I don’t normally hear people say Airbus 320, unless I’m wrong.


A320 or Airbus A320


It is usually said like this, or Airbus A320.


Sometimes pilots say “Airbus 380” or “Airbus 350”

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thank you for all the help!!!


I have a guy who used to go to my school and he always referred to them as 320 or 350, you know what I mean. Really triggers me 😑

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It doesn’t matter.

  • Airbus A320

  • A320

Or it’s designated code such as for the
A350-900 would be

  • A359

They say it when it is obvious that it is a plane. If I say Airbus 160 you might not understand.

That’s why airbus add a letter before any aircraft code : A320 (A for Airplane) H160 ( H for Helicopter)




Ummm. sure

To the original question. A means airbus so saying Airbus A320 is basically saying Airbus Airbus 320. But most people use that terminology.

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facepalm intensifies

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Don’t forget that when you put a “B” before a set of numbers, it means BigAirplane! Example B747: called super jumbo.



Hi Swiss,

If you refer to my link I posted in your Boeing thread, it contains the Airbus aircraft as well.

Including it here for easy reference.



I think it actually stands for Airbus.

Just a thought.



You can’t just highlight something and leave out all the explanation.


I wasn’t answering to the main question but just adding a fact on why pilots often leave out the “A”


Thanks for your addition


Not funny didn’t laugh, I provided an explanation and didn’t just threw a random statement. I believe the Boeing case has nothing to do with it since people clearly say Boeing 737, not Boeing B737.


You can leave your thoughts then as I am sure about what I am saying.

Maybe the A was first used to shorten Airbus but now it is used to distinguish it from Airbus Helicopter since the renaming of Eurocopter’s helicopters (or the other way around).


A320 is the ICAO code for the Airbus 320. The A standing for Airbus, not airplane.

A good comparison might be, oh, the B738, where the B stands for Boeing.


You don’t seem to understand me.

ICAO or not, you don’t say Boeing B787, yet you say Airbus A320.

I explained why above, I wasn’t talking about the ICAO codes anywhere.

It is not a naming standard but in fact the name. Airbus A320 or you can say A320.

Saying “Airbus 320” is the same as calling my truck a “Ford 150”. No. The name is “Ford F150”

I think you are looking for a naming convention when is reality it is simply the name of the aircraft which can vary. Don’t read too much into things.


why are you replying if you’re unsure about your answer