What is Infinite Flight's maximum screen resolution?

Hi, as the title suggests, is IF at full graphics actually a 4k or a HD?

I’m thinking of getting a new device and rigging a larger monitor setup to play IF but wanted to make sure if it’ll be worth it.

Tried wifi-casting it with my non-HML-compliant phone onto a friend’s giant TV but could only do so on low settings currently, and the internet output was as crappy as hell, lags and I can’t even read the instruments in the cockpit.

So my question is:

Does anyone here (including devs in the IF labs) have experience casting IF onto a larger screen using straight up HDMI and full graphics settings with a proper device? What’s the largest screen have you tried with Infinite Flight still looking beautifully on your screen?

Thanking yall in advance guys!

Not sure if this helps, but I have a Galaxy S10 and IF looks stunning. Check out some of my S&Vs to see!

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There’s no straight answer to this, since different elements have different resolutions.

But the base canvas resolution of Infinite Flight is generally higher than most TV’s. It’s also adaptable depending on aspect ratio (this is why we sometimes get funky button placements on new devices, when the app doesn’t know what screen resolution/aspect ratio the new device have)


I’d love to see that! But what’s an S&V? (sorry for the potential d’oh moment)

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Woah that’s good to hear! Alrighty then I’m upgrading to a projector!

Now this is an interesting point that’s been on my mind for quite some time:

So does this mean that if I managed to re-state my Android device through root to “trick” it’s display with extreme width I could get a 180 IF screen? Have devs ever tested this out?
(I’ve actually tried it in Bluestacks on a mac but they limit the screen size options and it crashes so I’m gonna have to try it on an actual fresh device though).

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D’oh! Okay thank you, heading straight out!

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