What is IFATC?

What exactly is the IFATC? Do people get chosen every month for this?

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IFATC is ATC for expert server, they are trained and have to take exams to pass and become IFATC


As mentioned above, IFATC is an acronym for Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control which is a group of users that have passed a written and practical exam to become a controller on the Expert Server. They keep the expert server skies safe and provide a service all across the globe.

I recommend taking a look through this topic below if you are interested in joining. I would certainly recommend it:

IFATC is more than just a group of controllers, it’s a group of controllers that are like a second family.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

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Could not support this statement more. Our team at IFATC is very unique in ways that @Declan has explained above. I think I speak for all the team when I say this, but IFATC is a breed of its own when it comes to supporting fellow controllers. :)

We also do something called Air Toaster Cooking (ATC) for the Expert Server


I joined few months ago and I can tell you that this group is fabulous!!

Very supportive and inclusive!

@Duke I thought it was Another Terrain Crash


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