What is IFAO?


I just found out of something called IFAO (Infinite flight Airlines Organization) And some first Fly in Event on IFAO. And i go to their website and se i can register…But i don’t really get it what it is…Could someone just take it in general or explain to me! Thank you


@Henrik_B, @Swang007, @Rotate. See if you can define what IFAO is! :)


Its a Virtual Airline that fly’s aircraft in Infinity Flight livery.


They mare a topic about it-Pls. search the forums


We try to not do that. We had one introduction topic, and right now we have one event. With IFAO you can join events and use real world procedures while flying the FDS liveries on the 777, BBJ, and Citaton X. Honestly you could do the same thing without registering but why wouldn’t you when you can enjoy the fun, communicate with Facebook (if you have it) and be apart of something great.

Let’s continue the discussion in the original topic