What is grade 4?

Just got to grade 3 to fly on the expert server and saw that there is a grade 4 and even a grade 5. Can someone explain to me what those grades are for?

Check out this thread. There is an entry for grade. Grade is basically your stats to work towards and shows how active you are as a pilot.

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They aren’t exactly worth anything apart from a coloured nametag. It only really shows how much time you waste.


Well that was sharp and straight to the point. Way to make a statement.


10/10 answer. Tbh that’s how I feel about grade 4/5 because in reality, just because a user has a green or tan name tag doesn’t mean they are a better pilot than the rest of us. For example, I could get to grade 4 from my current stats in probably 1-2 weeks of grinding some long hauls and T&Gs. But just because I’d have a green tag doesn’t mean I have great landings or know how to properly respond and execute all ATC commands.

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True. Some players can be Grade 1 and know a great amount of aviation. While some Grade 4/5 pilots probably won’t know what they’re doing.


A little harsh. I don’t feel I’m wasting my time when using Infinite Flight, if you do maybe it’s time to find something else to do?

That maybe the case but when it comes to Infinite Flight they are novices, some things are not exactly the same here as in real life. I’m a grade 4 and I’m proud of that. I’ve worked my way up over 3/4 years and learnt a lot on the way. I also knew a fair bit about aviation before IF but have learnt so much more through gaining experience using IF.

@USAviation here is a copy of the grade table taken from what Chris linked above l. Should help you out.


Lol right 🤣 can’t forgot also how much you probably spent to get to grade 3-5

A breakeven 1.00 violations to landings ratio will keep you on the Casual server. Rule is you need more landings than violations before you can access Training Server. Maintaining a 1.0 means you commit at least 1 violation per flight, if I am not mistaken.

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