What is going on?

Not sure if this is a controller who managed to sneak into the advanced ATC server. But there is no way any of this is correct? Firstly why when I ask for taxi am I granted pushback? If I pushed back I would run into grass. Secondly, when told clear for takeoff would you not check for incoming traffic, it’s misty I can’t see a thing! So I proceed to takeoff and I suddenly get spammed with hold shorts, suddenly a plane comes in followed but another immediately after.
So I take off, what I don’t get is all the planes lining up midway down the runway requesting takeoff? Lastly another controller, I was approached to a runway at Sydney by a very good controller, as I am cleared I approach and request runway 31R. I wait, no reply; I gain ever closer to the runway, I request again and again no reply? Though everyone else is receiving orders. I then turn away for a missed approach and suddenly he comes in saying cleared to land number 1. I end up having to go around.

I’m hoping these are just bugs and aren’t real advanced controllers as I know the standards very well!


Actually that controller does pretty good work…
Caught him many times.

Not sure that was him, he came on last minute!

I’ll flag this assuming that it’s just a mistake or he came on late. Thought it was another bug allowing anyone to come on

Sure, maybe I’m being a little too rough, I assumed it was a playground controller, or he just joined,cbut was there before I got on! I’m not going to name and shame.

I think this is mistake of ATC since new update there is new function is added on ATC control panel and there is some short cuts that remains onde controllers have been used and controllers are able to tap it and send instruction even it is not appropriate.

Ok how is a shortcut menu effecting you as a pilot? The atc being able to answer you with a quicker response is bothering u?

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