What is going on here?


Looks like the characters are not defined for some reason. Try re-starting the app. Please also state device and software version for the devs to replicate and fix.

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Yep, I’ve had this problem before. Doesn’t happen to me anymore though.

It works now but it was really weird

Very unusual try restarting device

This is a known issue. Try restarting your device.

Actually before you restart yout device, can i suggest you try restarting your flight.

So just end flight and click fly. I usually do this 1 or 2 times and my text are back. It saves the time of having to wait for a device restart.

Lol…you did enter the matrix my friend…

I head it’s a known isuue, it should be alright after you restart.
Was this on a lesser known brand?

this happens to me to! just restart your device or logo out of live and log, back in it fixes it

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