What is going on here?

Here we have a British Airways A320, apparently, flying just hundreds of feet from the ground, landing at Runway 23 of Frederick Municipal Airport. However, the airport is way too small, and I have only seen grounded airplanes on Apple Maps. Surely this plane is not just sitting in a field. What’s going on?

(My screenshot)
Frederick Municipal Airport is located in Frederick, Maryland, United States

Okay, thanks for clearing this up.

I took a peak and it seems like from its current heading, it could be going to Dulles airport

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Nobody will ever know… Jk he’s most likely doing a Go Around. :-)

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Nah I think @planemadblog cracked it, it could be cruising well above the airport but just happens to be near the runway.

Definitely not a BA A320 all the way in the USA. I also think it’s a Turkish Airlines A330.


Please avoid this kind of statements.


BTW, notice how there is no shadow. If he really was landing or at least close to the runway his shadow would be quite close to the aircraft. As you can see the shadow is nowhere in sight.


Notice if you zoom in, the aircraft is brushed due to its speed. Something like @planemadblog said :)

It’s the Delro 3 arrival arrival into IAD aka Dulles international airport. One of the vor points Is the fdk vor or Ils for 23 at fdk

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