What is going on at egll tower

I was controlling approach and departure at London Heathrow and I was directing all aircraft to land at 27 L&R then, for some reason planes were taking off at 09 L&R. So I directed all aircraft that were landing at 27 L&R to runway 09. I am not a very experienced controller so can you guys tell me if I did the right thing and why tower was letting them letting off at 9 L&R.


first of all welcome! unfortunately it happens quiet often on training server, pilot decide that they want to takeoff on any runway they want. i know it sucks. :( , on times i controlled EGLL i have just given up lol.


Yeah true
I only control both ground and tower there when it’s not busy.
I prefer to start it not busy and then when it gets busy it’s not that bad because I kinda know what I’m doing
But pilots on the training server are most times annoying when your trying to control them

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Impressive to see you tried to do all this on Training Server… that being said… WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!

Training Server is a place for people to learn, lots of people troll there too and they don’t always follow instructions so tower and/or ground would not always be following the direction of traffic and clear planes randomly.

Keep posting amazing things, liking, sharing, flagging appropriate things etc, work your way up to TL1 on the forum to apply for IFATC to be able to control on expert server when you reach Grade 3.


Welcome to training , i was ground

were they cleared to go to 9r

Uhh I was before some moment the approach , what a good pilots they are listening to me

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