What is "Global"?

I wonder if the dev’s use SCRUM to work on these projects to get them done faster/better/less people?

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Wait are you guys serious ? Teasing us for global and trying to get the hype wave rolling and then shoving in another useless long range tri jet ? Ay caramba, this doesnt sound great.


It’s still may be not confirmed as the next update.


I personally think they announced the update way too early in development.


Yes, we dreamed of the update last November when the C130 came. Which … nobody flies …
People want global and they want it in the next update, everybody prais for it and then yeah.

At some point it was stated that they at FDS always work towards a deadline, in my opinion just adding something new aka the DC10 or MD11 is just an update for the sake of bringing an update in a terretory they already know : Aircraft developing. Others are left behind tho ( Airbusses, you know what I mean ).

I’m dead sad.


This reply brought a tear to my eye. Makes me proud.


Please note he said “might not” so it doesn’t mean it will not be the next update, he says “might not”


I think my reply was a little more tactful. Geez. :-)


Doing this would make this sim a game and not realistic.if someone want to fly from jfk to france just do it real time or don’t do it.not even xplane 10 on pc have this nor fsx.only way this would work on solo mode thats the only way and personaly I wouldn’t used that fast faward button never.I think it shouldn’t go in live but if they adding it maybe solo

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Is it already confirmed that the next Update will be MD-11 etc. ???


No, this is not confirmed.


total agree, absolute waste request. Noone ever would fly the full route otherwise and just would keep speeding around. But this topic was already discussed and the request abandoned, at least thats my status quo.


No guarantee that would happen. Please take the FUD elsewhere.

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What exactly do you mean by “another” This is the first one… Plus it’s been confirmed for a while!

A lot of the airbuses need reworking or new liveries. I’d personally like to see an A340 rework and a British Airways livery for the A320 (the a320 is one of BA’s most used planes and still doesn’t have a livery).


FSX does have a speed up button though. You can speed up up to 64x faster (correct me if I’m wrong) but most people (including me) use a maximum of 8x speed depending on the flight. The speed up button makes is SO MUCH EASIER to make YouTube videos or not to die of boredom 😉 Let’s say I’m fling from London to Dubai. I take off, fly to cruising altituide, turn on nav mode, set the speed to 8x and BAM. In less than an hour I’m there. For me this is better than sitting infront of my PC or phone for 7 hours while the plane flies itself. Of coarse this is in solo mode and not multiplayer. As someone said before me, speed up mode in multiplayer would be disastrous. ATC would be pretty much pointless. But at least add speed up mode in solo.

Hopefully devs see this XD



As the next update or not confirmed to be developed?

You could also say “No offense 😃” on the last sentence :)

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Definently and Lufthansa A321 should also be included as Lufthansa is one of the largest Operators (I think they have 63)


Closing this now since it seem to be going off topic. All the information we have at the moment has been given.