What is "Global"?

You can’t satisfy everyone. Sorry


Depends on what you mean about the engine’s sound or about the internet sucking? Cuz what i said about the internet it’s not satisfaction is making people go from using if to not using it by necessity… of course not my case cuz i love it but it will cost me a lot :-)

He already answer to the question regarding device .


What kind of connection? I would assume a fairly good one since it’s streaming the data live.

so it will work, it dosent state ipad mini 2 in their

Are you guys close to implementing this?


I’d assume that with correct terrain would come correct runways.

AF2 has this and Global is expected to best that.


I really don’t know but I think 💭 it will work or not but if you want we can discuss in PM .
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Check Laura’s Insta, she had a post on it.

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It will, oooooooooooh I’m sooooo excited!

Oohh, I just realized that with this satellite imagery, I can actually see my legitimate house! This alone make sure me hyped.

We won’t have sloped runways at first but it is something we will consider to add later (it is not simple to do this at our scale)


Please refrain from answering when you don’t know! You are contributing to spreading misinformation and costing us time debunking it.

The only devices we know are working well is the one we mentioned. We are working hard to make sure all devices that currently run IF will be able to run it with global.


I’m Sorry. I thought your post said "We’re trying hard to make it run on max settings on ALL devices. I’m sorry :(

I know the iPad 2 is a bit old but will it run ok with global once it’s released?

Im not sure They will STEAM the scenery but it does have steam in it.

Yes but until we specifically say a particular device is fine, we can’t be sure.

Working hard on something is different from that thing actually working :)


This came into my mind: as it is the entire globe, location will be somewhat harder to determine, so will there be an option to see your aircraft’s coordinates? I’m mostly sure this isn’t in IF currently, from what I’ve seen. Thanks!

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What are the devices that the testers are using for global. With amazon stating that IF is no longer compatible with the Kindle Fire. I may be looking for a new device when global comes out.

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sorry about that Philippe, I was just asking a question, sorry again, ipad mini 2 , is still new , so I would assume it should work, but you go at your own pace with whatever you need to do, good luck, I know infinite flight will be the best mobile simulator out there!